Where are you currently in your hair growth journey? Do you feel like your hair is just not growing? The struggle is real and we got a solution for you sis! Our WOMEN'S STIMULATION “ANTI~DOTE” HAIR GROWTH OIL will have your hair growing flawlessly! It has all-natural ingredients! 


You can use this growth oil with protective styles and it helps to soothe dry scalp and losses of hair/edges! The oil is versatile and can even be used for brows. With just a couple of drops, your scalp will be left with a nice cool and clean feeling. 



  • Has Vitamin E, D, C, and peppermint root to stimulate growth!
  • Has pure tea tree hemp, black seed, and coconut oil!
  • Great for people with ALOPECIA!



Apply the drops three to four times a week to your scalp! Do not overuse this product as a little bit goes a long way. Before applying any product to your hair, you should make sure that your hands are nice and clean!




Women’s Stimulation “Anti~dote” Hair Growth Oil

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